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Ray Ferris
Art Curriculum Vitae

General Background
Although I have had some formal art training, my interest has always been in the application of mathematics, and as an extension, computer technology to the creation of art. In studying composition it became clear that natural growth patterns can be expressed through simple (and sometimes complex) formulas. As a scientist, matematician, computer technologist, I have attempted to express nature and sometimes pure concepts in art.

Formal Art Training
Salmagundi Club, New York City, Portraiture, Drawing
Vancouver School of Art, B.C., Contemporary Techniques

Formal Education
BA Mathematics
M.Sc. Statistics

Artistic Styles
Early works in portraits and drawing led to focus on pure colour and composition in a hard edge fashion. These works became increasingly complex and mathematical over the years. Currently most work is computer based and exists mostly in digital formats. Other media include oils, pen and ink, acrylic, silk screen, tapestry and rugs, stained glass and some wrought iron design.

Professional Memberships
Society of Canadian Artists
Arts and Letters Toronto

Recent Shows Exhibits

  • Harbourfront Art Show 2005
  • Harbourfront Art Show 2006
  • Electronic Exhibit Musicians & Composers 2007
  • Riverdale Artists Walk 2007
  • Hangman Gallery Salon 2007
  • Dominion on Queen 2007
  • Hangman Gallery "wet paint" 2007
  • Dominion on Queen Art/Jazz Improvisation 2007
  • Harbourfront Art Show 2007
  • Hangman Gallery "Xmas Show" 2007
  • Urbanspace Gallery "my City" 2008
  • Ben Navaee Gallery Spring 2008
  • The Vogue Room April-June 2008
  • Clothing Show 2008 "Guest Artist"
  • Riverdale Artists Walk 2008
  • Hangman Gallery "RAW 10th Anniversary" 2008
  • Kohl Gallery of Arts June 2008
  • Mercury Espresso June 2008
  • Hangman Gallery "Water, Sand, Grass" 2008
  • Lens Factory September 2008
  • Nuit Blanche Toronto 2008
  • Private Showings New York, Vancouver, Toronto